This blog is a travel guide / lifestyle column / open space for me to share my experiences. Everything I post here is from my own knowledge and represents my own opinion.

If you happen to like my style, enjoy my writing and/or would like to employ my services, please do get in touch.

What topics do I cover?

Travel Guides

This section is still under construction. Please be patient and I will have content up soon.

I get to visit a lot of cool, unusual destinations. I always seek out the best of what to do, where to go and what to eat. Here I share my travels and give my recommendations.

Got any hint or tips for my next adventure? Let me know.

Book Reviews

I read books on planes. I read books on beaches. I read books on trains. I read books in bed. I read books in hammocks. I read books in parks.  I read books while I wait. I read books while I eat.

Got any recommendations?  Get in touch.

Bookshop Reviews

As a sub-category of Book Reviews I also review bookshop experiences. After all, this is half the fun. Since I am fortunate to travel around the world, I have visited many bookshops, and some are so spectacular I must write about them.

Philosophy Today

This section is still under construction. Please be patient and I will have content up soon.

I travel a lot. I find myself all over the world in all sorts of situations. Consequently, I must negotiate many cultural confusions, manage many different expectations and try to understand many different interpretations of what’s right and wrong. Here I like to expand upon some of my thoughts and explore the philosophical implications of my 21st Century encounters.

Job Seeking

OK, so no secrets. Originally I bought this domain name and created this website to apply to become The Ultimate Library’s Barefoot Bookseller. I knew at the time it was a long shot. The chances of having someone actually look at my site and spend some time to get to know me were slim to none. I have no idea if they even viewed Written in Paradise or not. I have no idea if I even made it to the “maybe list.” But no problem. Thanks to this small kick up the butt, this enticing carrot of a dream job, this promise of a whole new life chilling in the Maldives, I started something – this blog – and I have no intention of stopping just yet.

More to Come

This blog is relatively new. As I develop and as my style evolves, you will see more topics added and the current ones better defined.

If you have any suggestions for topics you’d like me to write about, please do let me know.