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Born and raised in Australia, I am currently based in Hong Kong. I have travelled to over 40 countries and plan to visit at least 40 more. I am an avid reader with an insatiable appetite for fiction and facts alike. I truly believe that the best way to succeed in life is through education and the best way to an education is through reading and reading widely.

Currently I am seeking out freelance opportunities in Hong Kong and abroad. If you would like to know more, or would like to work together, please do get in touch.

2016 to Now: Freelancing in Hong Kong

English Editor and Writer

I edit and write English copy. My main client is from the  Marketing and Management department of a local university. I focus mostly on business education, which is more interesting than it may first appear. I’ve also written for an online luxury marketplace and am just starting out as a travel writer. You can find a portfolio of my published work here.

Private English Tutor

I tutor English to students aged anywhere from 2 to 60+. I write and plan most of my own lessons with a focus on my students’ goals. Many of my students enjoy my creative writing workshops and all of them love a quick game of Uno to finish up.

Onboard Courier

I fly through the skies and across continents as an Onboard Courier. My job is to deliver highly time-sensitive cargo from Asia to the rest of the world. I travel about twice a month and still love the feeling of visiting places completely new and foreign to me.

City Manager

For the past three years, I have worked as a City Manager for Sage Corps. For eight weeks over summer I mentor and manage groups of elite university students from the US during their internships at a variety of start-ups.

Front of House

I occasionally work as Front of House staff for popup events and do other ad hoc hospitality jobs as they come along. I manage guestlists and very long queues, handle cash, assist with on-the-spot complaints and focus on providing top quality customer service.

 2014 to 2015: Masters of Science in China Business Studies

Studying at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

I received a full tuition scholarship to complete my Masters in Hong Kong. I got top grades and graduated with Distinction. My work was regularly shared as examples of what to do to improve and get better grades. I learnt a lot about Chinese culture and the business environment in the Mainland. It’s a fascinating place of which I have still have so much to learn.

Part-time Personal Assistant

At the same time, I was also supporting myself by working part-time as a PA/nanny for an über wealthy expatriate family. This was a responsibility the vast majority of my fellow students did not have to shoulder.

Market Analyst Intern in Shanghai

As part of my degree, I completed a six-week internship at Export Madrid in Shanghai, which is essentially the Chamber of Commerce for Madrid, Spain. I learnt the fine art of networking, business card swapping and diplomacy. I also overcame some serious cultural differences sharing a tiny hotel room with one of my classmates.

2013: Goodbye Australia, Hello HK

Oxfam-Monash Partnership Internship

I started off 2013 in South Africa. I was selected as just 1 of 10 students from my university to participate in an internship programme in partnership with Oxfam. I worked at Project Empower, a grassroots NGO promoting HIV prevention and women’s rights in Durban. My appreciation for what it takes to thrive as a woman, especially one from an impoverished background, expanded exponentially.  

The End of my Undergraduate Degree

I completed my Honours year of my Bachelor of Arts in Melbourne, Australia and graduated, finally! I wrote about China’s soft power in Africa for my thesis. Once that was over, I started to look for work outside of Australia.

Moving to Hong Kong

I then got a job in Hong Kong at a university. I was there to help instil a more global, entrepreneurial mindset in the first-year Business students and help improve their cultural awareness. Did I succeed? Probably not. But I did have a lot of fun trying.

2009- 2012: Honours Degree of Bachelor of Arts (Global) majoring in International Studies

I started my undergrad degree in 2009 and realised that taking a break of a few years after high school put me much further ahead than the other students straight out of school. I valued my education far more plus I was more confident to talk to the lecturers and tutors and share my ideas. Several of my tutors encouraged me to do an Honours year.

Student Exchanges

I also had one of the best years of my life when I did two consecutive student exchanges to Hong Kong and South Africa respectively. These experiences were life changing and something I will always remember.

Student Organisations: AIESEC and Oaktree Foundation

After my year away, I came back and joined the student organisation AIESEC. I wanted to encourage other students to also explore opportunities beyond Australia as well as develop some professional skills for myself.

I also participated in a leadership programme by The Oaktree Foundation. I lead a team of other students to collect donations and organise a charity garage sale.

Participating in the South American Business Forum

In 2012 I also went on to win an essay competition to gain entry to the South American Business Forum in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I consequently had to network and hustle to gain funding. I ended up covering 100% of my costs to attend the conference.

2005 – 2008: Jamie the Explorer

I quit my first attempt at university and travelled extensively throughout South East Asia. I taught English in Cambodia for a year and a half and also got my CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults) in Thailand.

I learned that to get where I wanted to be in life I actually needed a university degree. I also went through the 1000 or so life lessons we all go through transitioning from teenagers to adults. I have zero regrets.


Want to know more? Want to work together? Please get in touch.